DHT is one of the main causes of alopecia (hair loss), and you ask how?

I will tell you how: Dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT) is a male sex hormone that is formed from testosterone by the enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase.

This hormone DHT causes hair follicles to shut down, shortening the growth phase of the hair growth cycle and leading to miniaturization.

Miniaturization is the process of shortening and thinning of the hair shafts that is found in androgenetic alopecia.

Let’s put everything in layman’s terms; in order to stop hair loss also known as alopecia, you have to stop miniaturization.

In order to stop miniaturization, you have to stop the production of DHT in your scalp.

There are many ways to stop the production of DHT, these are taking vitamin pills or increasing vitamin intake, taking herbal pills, applying certain kind of oils, changing your diet, or using topical solutions such as shampoo.